Get Your Loved One Bailed Out Of Jail For Less

When the dreaded phone call from jail comes in, you might be prepared to do almost anything to get your loved one out of jail. There are several options you can take to ensure that your loved one doesn't spend a moment more than necessary in jail. Read on for some tips that might have you getting your loved one out of jail quickly and for less money.

The Arraignment and Bail

In most cases, your loved one will appear at an arraignment soon after their arrest. You can usually find out about bail issues by phoning the jail. Once you do, there are several potential actions you can take. Take a look at what might happen to your loved one after an arrest.

Own Recognizance

If your loved one has little to no criminal record and the charge is minor, they may be released on their own recognizance. This means a release from jail by agreeing to abide by certain conditions, the most important of which is a promise to return for later court dates. Own recognizance releases mean the accused is released with no money needed.


In most cases, those arrested are offered bail. You pay the bail amount, which might be thousands of dollars, and your loved one can be released from jail. Unfortunately, bail is expensive. On the other hand, if you pay the court and your loved one returns to face subsequent court dates, the bail money you pay can be returned to you.

Bail Reductions

There are several ways to save money when it comes to bail. The following actions might reduce the out-of-pocket funds required and get your loved one out of jail so they can work on their case. There are two ways to reduce the need to pay bail.

1. The attorney – If your loved one has a criminal defense attorney, they might be able to get the bail amount reduced to a more affordable amount. The attorney will provide the court with assurances of your love one's ties to the community, family, employment, and other factors.

2. The bail bonding agent – You don't necessarily have to pay the full bail required for your loved one to be released from jail. Bonding agents accept a percentage of the bail amount as a fee and secure the release of your loved from jail. The percentage charged by a bonding agency ranges from about 10% to 20%. Once you know the amount of bail, phone a few bail bonds services to find out how much money it will take to have your loved one released on bond.