What Is A Bail Hearing, And What Should You Expect From It?

A bail hearing is a normal step involved after being arrested for a crime, yet you might not understand what this is or what to expect from it. After your arrest, you will likely face a bail hearing within a day or two; however, this can take longer. The bail hearing is designed for several purposes, and here are some of the things you should expect from it.

The key purpose is to determine if you should have the right to bail

One of the rights people have when facing criminal charges is the right to get out of jail by paying bail; however, there are times when the court can overrule this right. Attending a bail hearing is important for you as you face criminal charges, as it will be the time when you find out details about your bail. You will learn whether or not you qualify for a bail amount, and you will find out how much the bail amount will be.

The hearing will determine the bail amount

As the court views your case, they will use a variety of different factors to determine how much your bail amount should be. The first factor is the type of crime. A crime that is very serious in nature will result in a much higher bail amount than a crime that is not as serious. For example, your bail would be higher if you are facing rape charges compared to drug possession charges.

Secondly, the court will look at your flight risk. If the court believes that there is a high chance that you will leave town and hide, they will set a really high amount as the bail. If they do not think you are a flight risk, the bail would be lower.

Your criminal history also affects the court's decision for the bail amount, and they may also view other factors, too.

The hearing will inform you of your rights and responsibilities

This hearing also offers a chance for the court to inform you of your rights and responsibilities. It is important to pay attention to these things, as they will have effects on your case and future.

Attending your bail hearing is an important step in the process of getting out of jail and facing the charges you have against you. If you need assistance with your case, contact a criminal lawyer and a bail bondsman in your area.