Three Things You Need To Understand About Securing Bail Bonds

Getting a phone call from a loved one that's been arrested can be a nerve-wracking experience. Most people want to help a family member or friend get out of jail as quickly as possible. Usually, there are a lot of questions about how to go about bailing someone out. With certain traffic violations, the bond amount is a set amount and no hearing is necessary. With some serious crimes, however, a person may not get their bail set before they can go before a judge. Once the bail amount is set, the best thing you can do is visit a bail bonds service for help.

Pay a Fraction of What is Due to the Court

Most states have laws that require a minimum payment be made before a bail bondsman can post bail. Ten percent is a standard amount, and no more than double that can be exceeded according to most statutes in the United States. While some people may be tempted to negotiate this amount, there is a reason why there is a minimum. It's meant to require some personal investment in order to prevent people from being tempted to not attend their trial. If the minimum amount is too high, the best thing you can do is to have your attorney go back to court and try and get the total bail amount reduced.

Use Collateral to Meet What is Due

Some bail bonds companies may be wary about taking collateral, but if you have certain valuables, they may be used to pay the minimum amount due. Jewelry, for example, can be used in some instances. Items like jewelry may require that an appraisal be done in order to ensure the value is equivalent to what you need to pay. In some cases, collateral plus cash can be used. If you don't have enough cash, then looking at items you can trade to help supplement the required due may be a good way to secure a bail bond.

Skipping Out on Bail Has Serious Consequences

Anyone facing serious jail time may be tempted to skip out on their trial and their bail responsibilities. This can add to your legal trouble. Not only could it result in more charges, but it's also not taken lightly by law enforcement or the bail bonds service. Bail bonds companies employ bounty hunters to track people who have skipped out on their court responsibilities. They have the authority to find and arrest anyone not meeting their obligations and bring them back to face the legal system. This type of pursuit would be in addition to law enforcement efforts.

As long as you meet your legal obligations with the court, getting bail bonds can be a great way to get out of jail while you await your day in court. Most people are able to get a reasonable bail based on their circumstances and crime, and having bail bonds as an option to help meet the costs is a valuable service for those charged with a crime.